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Thank you, Lion family, for your assistance and patronage of our 55th annual spaghetti dinner held on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

Thank you to all the community that purchased tickets and the vendors and business owners that donated items and funds to support Milford Lions Club annual spaghetti dinner

A successful endeavor – we served about 300 meals and it went off very well.  Lion Norm Remick who had never taken the opportunity to sample our fine meal (although he helped at a couple) reported that the food was very good, the service “fantastic & very efficient.”

A Special thanks to the Lions who gave up time & energy to pull off this very different event :

Dave Clendaniel, Rob Craig, Dave Reynolds, Lloyd Webb, Bill Walls, Sonny Meck, Daryl Hicks, Steve Swadley, Jean Bielefeldt, Alicia Hollis, Pat Craig, Gail Wadkins-Berry, Kathy Rumery, Bev Reynolds, Dave Rumery, Kathy Croley, Bruce Hermann, Darren Knowles, Jack Simon, Bob Clendaniel, Clyde Bragg, Jayson Crouch, Don McDonough, Vern Walch & Joe Shockley, soon to be Lion Garrett Jenkins, “Honorary -Lion” Karen Hermann, Trey Hermann & Christian Hermann.

It is truly humbling to be surrounded by so many outstanding people.  Looking forward to the 56th annual spaghetti dinner!

Thank you all.

For more information you may contact the Lions Club Secretary at 302-422-2861 or by email at secretary@

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