One of King Lions Roland Beebe’s goals was to start a LEO club in Milford High School, during his term in office (1991). Lion Roland needed a Lion to do the leg work. He asked Lion Bob Collins, who was on the high school staff, to find out what was needed to start a LEO club in the high school. Lion Bob met with the school administrators to discuss the possibilities of starting a LEO club in the high school. With approval from the school administrators he started talking to the students and it was not long before he was ready to have his first LEO meeting. Lion Bob Collins reported back to King Lion Roland and the members that he was ready to start the Milford High School LEO club. Over the next eight years Lion Bob Collins was the LEO Adviser and continued to strengthen and guide the LEO club. Lion Bob helped start many of the LEO projects that are in place today. In 1995 Lion Jack Simon, also on the Milford High School staff, became active with the LEO club and became the Leo Adviser in 1999 until 2014. In 2010 Lion Mike Sharp, a high school teacher, started helping Lion Jack and in 2014 Lion Mike Sharp took over as the Leo Adviser.